stakeholder analysis template

The Stakeholder Analysis template is a blank, customizable Excel form. It allows you to pull stakeholders from your organization and generate detailed stakeholder profiles. Using it, you will be able to evaluate how well the project meets your stakeholders’ needs and expectations, as well as identify areas for improvement in meeting their requirements.

Stakeholder Analysis Template

Understanding the stakeholders and their motivations is essential to a successful project, whether you’re designing a new home or launching a new product. This spreadsheet template can help you identify all your stakeholders, understand their roles, and spot any potential conflicts of interest:

Why You Need Stakeholder Template

This is an in-house stakeholder template. It makes it easier to better communicate why various features of your project will be included or not, which elements are more important to evaluate, how key concerns should be addressed based on the current status of your project, and how to use this information for effectively managing stakeholder participation.

This excel template helps you identify and analyze your stakeholders. It is a simple yet powerful tool for creating an understanding of the interest and needs of your customers and users. The stakeholder analysis template helps to identify, prioritize and identify critical issues which could impact on the delivery of your project.

Templates Can Help With Stakeholder Management

  1. RACI Matrix
  2. Communication Management Plan
  3. Project Status Report Template


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