Project management is a large domain in which management is further categorized into parts. Staff management plan is also an integral part of project management which holds great importance and can impact the progress of the project. Staffing management caters the identification of right talent or workers that can lead the project towards success. The plan highlights the needs of the project/ organization and will help you find ways to fulfill those needs. There is no proper definition of staffing management but precisely it can be called as the management of the physical resources of the project. Every project has both physical and man power. Management plans for overall human resource management can be done by the help of staffing management templates. Staff is an important asset of the project because the team is doing to bring the plan into execution. Staffing management covers the following main aspects;

  • Most important it works on the identification of human resources
  • Plan a proper way to acquire the required human resource
  • Criteria for the selection of human resource is made
  • Location to capture to talent
  • Ways to acquire the human resource
  • Schedule the finding of human resource
  • Maintain the resource calendars
  • Security guidelines for the resource management process
  • Map the training schedule as per the requirement
  • Performance based incentives
  • Manage the performances of the team
  • Keep the team motivated

Staff is the backbone of the project. And the project manager should have the knowledge and skill to use the human resource of the project wisely. The success of staffing management can be defined when all the process is carried out at the right time and with the right strategy. Precisely, all other things of the project are directly or indirectly dependent on staffing management. An efficient staffing management will capture the best suitable workers which will lead the project on the right road.

staff management plan

Steps of Staffing Management:

No process is carried out at once, it goes through several steps before coming into notable existence. Just like that staffing management involves some steps which are listed here;

  1. The first step is the most critical one; you need to identify the need for staffing. If you’re able to identify successfully it goes to impact further steps of the staffing management. An organization has different departments and now it’s your call to identify the department in which man resources are required. Once the department is identified now you can watch out for the qualities of the resource you are looking for. Creating a plan that perfectly suits your needs is a good start for your project.
  2. Create feasible timelines for the staffing plan. Hiring process is long enough, so plan each activity according to the timeline. Even for the employment process a timeline is defined which works in the favor of the organization.
  3. Each step of the project has budget allocation. For staffing management a special budget is defined to carry out the process smoothly. Because in case a company runs off the budget it is likely to face challenges in human resource management.
  4. Strategies for the talent acquisition are established which will be implemented further as the project progresses.
  5. Assemble those strategies and implement them on the on-boarding process.
  6. Identify the need for training and schedule accordingly
  7. To check the effectiveness of the staffing management plan keep track of its activities.

Best Template for Creating Staff Management Plan

Several templates can be used for accurate staffing management. These templates are explained with their specifications;

Recruitment Management Template

The success of the project is dependent on the recruitment of the right candidates for several positions in an organization. So, it is important to deal with the recruitment process seriously. There are software of great variety that performs the functions recruitment management. The recruitment process is divided into steps which require constant management, monitoring and tracking.

Referring to figure one, the open positions are added as titles with the preferred location with an option of apply. The job applications are open for a certain period of time and after that no application is accepted. All relevant details regarding a job opening are added with a proper job description.

Employee Training Template

Employee training programs are conducted for both the new hires and the already present employees. Training programs help to polish the skills and stay updated about the evolving strategies. With the help of employee training templates, proper training schedules can be made in a professional manner. An employee training template keeps the record of the training topic, location of the training, days or hours required for a training process, employees taking part in the training process as well as the designated trainer for each training process. Frequent training programs are conducted to improve the performances and effectiveness of the team.

Employee Duty Roster Template

Duty rosters are made according to the requirements of the organization. Some projects are of short span and require weekly or daily duty rosters. For bigger projects that have longer timelines have monthly employee duty rosters. To manage the duties templates are used. Each organization has employees working in different departments that will need a different duty roster. The HR team looks after these matters and assigns duties to each employee working on a project. Duty roster helps to remove the overlapping and management of the employee shift and overtime.

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