RACI Matrix Template helps you to create a comprehensive RACI matrix that supports the following objectives: Work with the RACI Matrix Template to plan, prioritize, assign and track work for your business: Incrementally develop plans for every team member. Use this tool to manage an organization’s mission-critical tasks. Analyze and improve your process quality, use the RACI Matrix Template Excel to identify gaps in your process. Develop a structured process that enables both smooth execution of tasks and creating deliverables at high levels of quality while staying within budget.

Allocation of jobs is an important part of a project, no matter what project size. So, categorizing roles, job descriptions and responsibilities early in a project should be clearly defined. For this purpose, the RACI model is very helpful.

RACI Matrix

RACI Responsibility Matrix is one of the best tool used for recognizing roles, assign and display responsibilities to entities (team members in projects), and avoiding misconception over those roles and responsibilities during processing of a project. Shortly, It is particularly valuable in illuminating roles and responsibilities in cross-functional departmental projects and procedures. The second name of responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) is RACI matrix or linear responsibility chart (LRC).

raci matrix

RACI stands for:

  • Responsible: Who is responsible for completing the task. The person who does the work on the project to attain the job. For example, it might be an application developer, analyst or technical planner.
  • Accountable: who is responsible for the whole task or making decisions and taking actions on the task. It is also known as Approver. This is one who is responsible for the correct and systematic completion of the work.  Project executive or project sponsor is the example of accountable.
  • Consulted: who can provide valuable advice regarding decisions and tasks? These are the experts who deliver data for the project. They have two-way communication.
  • Informed: who should be informed about the task progress, the decisions, actions during the project processing? The people kept and with whom there is one-way communication. These are people who informed of project’s progress and affected by the result of the tasks, so they need to be kept up-to-date.

Steps Required to Create RACI Matrix

  1. Find all the responsibilities involved in the project and list them in the chart.
  2. Recognize all the project roles and list them in the chart.
  3. List all the elements of RACI Model like responsibility, the accountability and who will be consulted and informed for each task in the project.
  4. Confirm that every task has a person who is responsible for the completion of the task and its role accountable for it.
  5. No tasks should have more than one role responsible. Resolve any kind clash where there is more than one person for the same task.
  6. Share, deliberate and decide on the RACI Matrix with your sponsors before you start working on the project.

The Example which demonstrates RACI Matrix

An example of a responsibility assignment matrix, understand well with a simple example, Smith is developing software feature A that will be combined with software feature B which develop by George. John is the project manager and Alina is in marketing. For feature A Smith is responsible, George is accountable, and John wants to be consulted with as her feature will integrate with John’s. Lastly, Alina simply wants to be up-to-date when the task is complete.

Advantages of RACI Matrix

  • It informs the association about its employee’s capability as it demonstrates about the jobs which are allotted to each person.
  • We use RACI for the effective accomplishment of a project as every person impacted is in the circle.

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