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Project schedule management, gives you a hand in dealing with the basics like how and when a task must be done to give best results. These days with a lot of competition in project management every project management organization must have a proper planning and scheduling system in place. The organization should have the ability to deal with the tough and challenging situation, which is only possible when you have a plan available beforehand. Thus, backing up your project with adequate planning is needed for the successful completion of your project.

In every category of organization and business the most important thing is to have everything aligned and well planned. Whether you are thinking of opting the project management or already working as project manager it is very important to understand the needs of project. The main thing in being able to manage a project is to understand different parts and factor which could have an effect on the success of your project. It is almost impossible to run an organization and complete the projects without a plan on hand. That is why often project go south due to mishandling and mismanagement. The lack of attention and scheduling leads the projects to failure.

Furthermore, in larger projects having lots of resources, budget and workforce to deal with things can be really tough to handle if you don’t have a schedule to work on. It is best you have a plan and some scheduling tools and templates on hand well suited for your project needs.

In this piece of writing we will be debating on Project Scheduling and Management point by point. We will also discuss how it works and what are its important features.

Project Schedule Management

The project scheduling is a way of giving you guideline to show you how you must work on a project. A scheduling plan is a great way to have every step of your project under control. The project scheduling defines and manage every step throughout till end of project. This way you also be able to set goals and make an aligned list of processes for project execution with and batter hold of it.

The project scheduling is one of the initial things you do when managing a project. It is an essential and very significant part of your overall comprehensive plan. It is a well-known and well-suited project management tool used to complete the project on time with success. Most of the times the project managers use it to meet the deadlines and achieve the required result in a set limit of time.

However, your work is not done here, even after the scheduling and planning protocols there is a chance of errors. so, to void any serious long-term damage it is important to check and monitor the process time to time. The project scheduling takes account of the start and finish dates as well to ensure that the work is done without any delay. Subsequently, in other words making a schedule management plan is an important process in project planning. And it guarantees that the project is well in control with close monitoring resulting in you start, complete projects successfully ending.

Components of Project Schedule Management

The schedule management plan has mainly the material about the scheduling procedure and policies which guides the project manages about the project processes. The scheduling plan must have information about all the relevant aspects like duration, deadlines, resources and allocated team members. This all-in collaboration provides you a map to follow and guide you in direction of efficacious completion of your work.

Following are some components of project scheduling and planning process:

  1. Note down the goals and objectives of your project.
  2. Select a suitable and flexible scheduling methodology.
  3. Document the important dates and deadline precisely and correctly.
  4. Make proper baseline to make sure schedule and plan is simply understandable to the team members.
  5. Set the measures to review and make the work accountable for your team.
  6. Make sure you have a contingency plan on hand ready to use in risky and serious situations.
  7. Have a schedule alteration and modification control process on hand to use as a backup plan in worst case scenarios.
  8. You also need to note down the performance and have a regular check on it to ensure that the scheduling plan is working correctly

Examples of Project Schedule Template

Thus, simply we can say that the project scheduling a way to aid the project manager to deal with the project tasks more efficiently. As it highlights all the tasks along with their start and finish time. it also shows that how the project will proceed and when will it reach the finish line.

Following are examples of some tools used in project management and scheduling:

Gantt chart Template

A Gantt chart is an important example of the project management and scheduling tool. It shows the graphical presentation of start and ending dates of the project making is easy to plan and schedule them. This tool is easy straightforward and very popular in industry of project management. As it provides the required information in a glance that is why it has vast application and known to be very user friendly to work with. In cases like when the project is lengthy it can be broke down in simple more manageable pieces and represent the in Gantt chat. This way bigger projects can become easy and under control.

Project Portfolio Tracker

Another example of scheduling tools in project portfolio tracker toll which also another handy and very helpful. The portfolio tracker keeps the account of resources, budgets and costs in the whole project process. It is very helpful in understanding the needs of project by tracking the processes along the way. Furthermore, it also aids in monitoring the revenue and provide a graphical representation to make the information straightforward. Sometimes a big project has multiple smaller project associated to it and it is a tough job to deal them all at a time. in this scenario the project portfolio tracker tool comes very handy, as it has the function of managing and dealing with multiple projects at a time. so, when you need to deal with different projects at a time make sure you have suitable tool on hand like portfolio tracker.

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