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If you have ever been a part of a project, you must know how important it is to plan everything before. Lack of planning always leads to problems, and it is pretty frustrating that after all the efforts, time, and resources you have put into the project, it still didn’t go as you wanted. Especially when you are in charge of a particular project, all the eyes are on you. Lack of management and planning can lead to failure, and you definitely don’t want that.

Project management plan is made to solve all the problems mentioned above you might or had faced. A project plan is a formal written document in which every step of your project is planned and explained in detail. Whether it’s initiating your project or distributing work, among others, everything is mentioned in the document.

Purpose of Project Management Plan

 Authorities usually ask for project management plans before executing the project. They can make the required changes and also ask about anything mentioned in the document. The purpose of a project management plan is to determine the goals of the project. The project plan also helps you estimate the overall budget and where resources should be placed. It enables you to distribute work among team members, and deadlines are also mentioned in the project management plan.

Types of Project Management

Every project is different and has different needs. And that is why it needs to be dealt with from a different perspective. Every type of project management plan has the same goal: to reach the project’s primary goals. But depending upon the situation, if you apply different kinds of strategies, it will be easier and more efficient for you to reach the project goals.

Let’s discuss the few types of project management plan:

1.    Waterfall Project Management

A waterfall project management plan is the oldest and simplest type of management plan. In waterfall project management, an outline is made and then executed step by step. It can be beneficial for those with a predictable structure, and your budget and other requirements are fixed.

Waterfall project management requires extensive documentation, and each team member has to go through it. It is straightforward to understand for both team members and clients because it is divided into parts.

2.    Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is an easier and faster type of project management plan. In agile project management, the project’s work is divided into smaller parts, making it easier and more manageable. Agile project management is used when you might need to change planning directions and focus on a different plan.

Agile project management is mainly used in large-scale industries in more significant projects. The team is ready to handle rapid changes and focus on different paths. Also, if your team is working closely with the customers and clients, then agile project management is the one for you.

3.    Scrum Project Management

Scrum project management is a module of agile project management. The scrum project management divides the project into small phases, often based on a one-month timetable. When one part of the project is done, it is discussed, and then the project is moved forward.

Scrum Project Management is always best for projects with smaller teams that are flexible and easy to make changes.

4.    Kanban Project Management

Kanban Project Management is also derived from agile project management. It does not require a specific timeline or procedure and is very flexible to utilize. The Kanban project management focuses on increasing productivity and helps you reach the goal.

Factory output projects use kanban project management. It can also be applied when you don’t have deadlines. The changes are flexible, and the project plan is straightforward to understand.

5.    Prince2 Project Management

When there is no room for errors and risks in a project, you should use Prince2 Project Management. Prince2 project management allows the managers or heads of the projects to complete the project management plan.

Each stage of the plan in Prince2 project management is mentioned and described in detail. This project management plan is used in government sectors or private organizations where there is no room for errors and omissions.

6.    Six Sigma Project Management

If your project is based on close relations with customers or consumers, then the Six Sigma Project Management Plan should be applied to your project. Six sigma project management plan emphasizes customer feedback and allows you to plan accordingly.

There is always room for changes and updates in a six sigma project management plan. It helps you eliminate any errors and waste from the project and helps you reach the goal more efficiently.

Advantages of Project Plan

You have already realized the importance and benefits of a project plan. But to make you more certain about it, let’s mention some other advantages, so you never miss making a management plan and make it with dedication.

●    Increase Productivity

When everyone knows what task they need to perform beforehand, productivity and efficiency will be increased. A project management plan is a detailed document in which every step is explained briefly. When everyone knows the following steps, it will be a lot easier to work. When productivity is increased, the goal of the project is achieved effectively.

●    Improves teamwork skills

A project is always completed with the help of team workers who work together. Project management helps team members enhance their teamwork skills by working together. Everyone in the team has to coordinate with one another because they are working to achieve the same goals. And if they don’t blend or work together, the outcomes will not be in favor.

●    Increase customer satisfaction

Customers are the essential factor for any business. And customers always want the best from the company. And if you also want to deliver the best to your consumers, you should make a management plan before starting any project in your company. As mentioned above, project management plans also allow you to emphasize customer needs and feedback and make changes in the plan according to it. This will make your customers happy and satisfied.

●    Helps in tracking progress

Project management plans tend to save a lot of time and help know all the team members to utilize their time correctly. Because every step is written formally, it also helps in tracking the progress of the management plan. It can also help project managers a lot in keeping track of the progress of every team member. Project managers can update stakeholders about their progress, and these updates will satisfy the stakeholders as well. Project Managers can also check the progress and then estimate the time and resources needed to fulfill the goal.

●    Gives answers to the problems

There are significantly less chances that you face problems if you have already made a project plan. But if you still face any issue, there are many chances that it can be resolved very quickly. When the management plan is structured and well-explained, errors will be omitted gradually. Moreover, by updating the management plan, issues can be resolved, and everyone can focus on reaching the project’s goals.

●    Focus on the Main Goals and Objectives

When a management plan is created, there is less room for errors and taking wrong steps. Every individual in the team is well-informed about the project’s main goals and works on achieving them. The plan is divided into more minor phases and objectives, but the main goal remains the same. It also helps in reaching the goal on the given deadline. On the other hand, if there is no management plan, employees might lose interest and not focus on the main goal, which causes problems for the company or any business.


Project management plan is a document that includes all the essential aspects of a project. It provides budget allocation, project resources, project goals and objectives, communication plan, and risk management plan. This makes everything clear for the team and the clients as well. Clients will know that the team and project are organized so that they will be satisfied.

Not having a reliable management plan can cause a lot of trouble. Time and resources are two significant aspects of any project, and if they are not being tracked, there will be a lot of mismanagement. A project plan will save you from all the hustle and help you make decisions in every step of the project. So make a management plan, work with your team and communicate at every stage, and your goals will be achieved in no time.

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