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Project Management Templates and Documents

Why Over 75% Project Fails

This is due to several basic REASONS

1. Insufficient experience

2. Excessive time wastage

3. Poor trading discipline
4. Poor risk management 5. Lack of Visibility of all Projects 6. No Visibility into Resource Workload


Here is How These

Project Management Documents

ELIMINATES all the Project Failure Reasons

Lack of Clarity

Project documents, such as project charters, scope statements, and requirements documents, provide a clear and concise definition of the project’s objectives, deliverables, and expectations. Failing to use these documents can lead to confusion and misunderstandings, which can result in project failure.

Inconsistent Planning

Project documents provide a consistent framework for planning and executing a project. Without these documents, project planning can become ad-hoc and unstructured, leading to inconsistencies and errors in project execution.

Poor Communication

Project documents serve as a means of communication between project team members, stakeholders, and sponsors. Not using these documents can result in poor communication and coordination, leading to project failure.

Limited Accountability

Project documents, such as project schedules and resource plans, help to establish clear roles and responsibilities for project team members. Not using these documents can lead to limited accountability, making it difficult to track progress and identify and address issues.

Increased Risk

Without project documents, project teams may overlook critical aspects of the project, such as risks and dependencies. Failing to identify and manage these factors can lead to project failure.

Inadequate Documentation

Project documents serve as a record of the project’s activities, decisions, and outcomes. Failing to use these documents can result in inadequate documentation, making it difficult to evaluate the project’s success and learn from its mistakes.

Project Management Templates

W H A T ‘ S . I N C L U D E D ?

Project Initiation ǀ Project Planning ǀ Project Execution ǀ Project Monitoring ǀ Project Closure ǀ Agile Project Management ǀ Task Management ǀ Change Management ǀ Incident Management ǀ Resource Management ǀ Project Status Report ǀ Gantt Chart ǀ Kanban Board ǀ Heatmap

Project Initiation Templates

Project Planning Templates

Project Execution Templates

Project Monitoring Templates

Project Closure Templates

Agile Project Management Templates

Task Management Templates

Change Management Templates

Project Management Documents, Redesigned


Sum Up your project management, time
tracking, resource planning & project financials
at one place & put a glance on your business in
real time.

We have everything you want from a PM tool plus everything you need to keep client work on track and avoid scope creep.

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