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Project interface gathers and classifies a wide range of valuable resources which are related to the health and well being of the advantage of the public which includes children, adults, families and mental health professionals. It is a unique, unpaid internship chance that places students in an explicit job area.

Interface official and unofficial limitations and associations among people, departments, organizations, or functions.

Categories of Project Interfaces

It basically falls into three categories:

(1) Interpersonal interfaces: Social and interpersonal support has mostly been accepted out face-to-face. But it may be formal and informal reporting associations among different team members who are working on the project. These interfaces often occur instantaneously. For example interface with the superiors, line or staff individuals on the team, with subordinates, with team members, with clients and product users and with contractors or subcontractors representatives etc.

(2) Technical interfaces refer to relationships among different technical disciplines or with the design professional. It happens both within and between project phases from start to till end phase. For example, interface between architects, engineers, programmers or technical authority.

(3) Organizational interfaces refer to the relationships among different resource suppliers and administrative units. These interfaces may highly complicated like developing a complex communications system, or very simple like fixing an error in a system installed at a single place may need little more than reporting the user and the operations staff upon accomplishment. For example, interface with the organization’s functional departments, suppliers, instruments etc.

Project Interfaces Worksheet

Pages (excluding cover):


Project Interfaces Worksheet

Project Name Project Ref. No. Prepared By Date Prepared
Customer Business Unit / Dept. Contact Project Type (STD / ADV)



Organizational Interfaces

Explanation of Relationship Main Purpose of Interface Formal or Informal? Expected Duration Notes

Technical Interfaces

Interpersonal Interfaces


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