The Project Charter Template help you by determining the scope of your project. Writing charter for project is the most challenging step in project life cycle. It describes the parameters within which you must deliver the project. It expands the project vision, deliverables, objectives, schedule, implementation, scope, constraints, identify risks and give the workers a clear line within which they deliver the project.

Project Charter Template Excel

The terse version of this template is a 1-page version that involves all the necessary detail of a charter. It is easy and time saving to keep the charter to one single page. This terse version includes scope of project, milestones, gives PMs authority over the project, project budget and funding’s. One must develop the charter before the project ever begins.

A project charter is like an informal instruction to start a small project in smaller organizations. The charter gives a big picture view of the project and documents the project needs and outcome. It makes sure that the project is within the boundary with company goals.

General Objectives of Project Charter Template:

The objectives of the project charter are:

  • Helps to implement exceptional communication among project and corporate management.
  • Determine the project general objectives and vision.
  • Comprehensively defines the scope of a project.
  • Facilitate the senior management to sharply observe the development of project.
  • Identify all vital deliverables of project.
  • Define the clients and project investors.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of workers.
  • Establish a timeline of the project.
  • Identify risks and list problems and assumptions.
  • Make an organizational structure.
  • Give an idea of project approach.
  • Define project implementation plan.
  • Maintain the capability of project workers to monitor and manage the project.

project charter template

 Why You Need A Charter Template?

There is always a reason behind every project and project charter is the initial document to highlight those reasons. You can define the structure of project to meet the goals and make it a success. You address the responsibility of everyone in a project and explain how are you going to complete the project with what resources, budget and quality?

Assemble your project team and start planning, implementing, tracking and reporting. This free template helps you make a charter and present it in front of business sponsors. Once you gain the approval, you can start working on project.

This project initiation document usually includes high-level requirements because one produce the project charter before beginning the project. The two main purposes of the charter are:

  1. It provides the high-level explanation of requirements/needs.
  2. It properly authorizes the survival of the project.

Final Thoughts:

We adapt the project charter to fit any organization and an array of projects, including technology-driven projects. The ease and flow of project successful completion depends on the care we take during the preparation of a project charter. A good charter precisely keeps everyone in the project on the same page.

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Project Charter

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