program management

Program management is managing a related group of projects that are similar or related to each other. Program management focuses on achieving the company’s goal altogether. When all the projects are being watched from a single sight, it gets easier to maintain the standards of each project.

Company works on different kinds of projects all the time. However, most of them are related to each other sometimes. For example, different projects may be about creating websites or updating the software if you are working in a software company. The projects are varied, but they can be related to each other in one way or another.

Program management also helps project managers to have ideas from different management plans. As all of the projects are working and being seen by program managers, they can better understand which project has a better management plan, and others should adopt it.

Program Managers

Program management take an overview of the whole program and work on achieving the goals of the program and the company as well. A program manager can provide guidance to project managers so they can work more efficiently. It is also the project manager’s responsibility to manage and maintain communication between different project managers and departments. Project managers also manage the budget of the program.

If any barrier or risk comes in between the goals and working of the program, the program manager has to make a plan to eliminate the risk and reduce the chances of program failure. The program manager keeps track of all the projects and communicates with the stakeholders as well.

Program managers are expected to be very helpful to everyone working in the program. They communicate with the project or product managers and can provide solutions to their problems. By giving ideas and solutions, the employees working in the program can be better at decision making.

Project Management vs. Program Management

As mentioned above, a program is a group of related projects of a company. Project management is associated with a single project. And on the other hand, program management is the management of different associated projects of the company. A project manager handles only one project, whereas a program manager can manage several projects simultaneously.

Project management mainly focuses on planning project management plans, tracking the success at every step of the project, and controlling the utilization of resources. It also manages and eliminates risks within a specific program. On the contrary, program management focuses more on reviewing the projects and communicating with the stakeholders. Program managers also plan strategies for a program and act as a mentor for project managers.

If we talk about goals and achievements, then project management only focuses on achieving the project’s goal. Program management is a combination of different projects, so it is more related to its goals and focuses on achieving them.

Benefits of Program Management

Program management has now become a necessity, especially for large-scale companies. When different projects are running simultaneously, and they are also related and have almost the same types of tasks, it is more efficient if we see them as a program. Program management helps a lot achieve the company’s goals, and it provides other benefits to the company.

Helps in Managing the Resources

When projects are related to one another, they might need the same resources. For example, if one project requires a printing machine, it is also possible that the other projects need it too. They can share the resources more efficiently, and in this way, companies can save a lot and reduce the wastage of resources.

Easy to Manage Risks

When different projects are being seen as a whole, it becomes pretty easy to detect errors and mistakes from projects. One project’s mistake can be shared with others, so they refrain from repeating the mistake in their management plan. In this way, the program works more efficiently. Also, project managers can get inspired by each other’s management plans and apply good things in their projects.

Alignment with Strategic Goals of the Company

Program management increases flexibility within the company. As employees are working together, they have different abilities, and together they can manage things more effectively. Moreover, program management focuses on the company’s goals and makes sure that all the projects are aligned and working for the company’s betterment.

Manage Inter dependencies

Sometimes projects are directly linked with one another. What if project A is producing an object that project B needs in the future. When one project relies on another project, it is called Interdependence. As both projects are working under the same program, communication becomes a lot easier. Program management allows us to manage the connections of different projects and even departments run very smoothly.

Tips for a Successful Project Management Plan

Project management makes things run smoothly and efficiently, but it can be the reason for more than one project failure if the plan is not right. To save you from such a significant trauma, here are some tips and tricks which are simple and easy but are of great help.

  • It is essential to manage time effectively. Time is a critical asset that should be utilized wisely. Project management focuses on more than one project, but it does not mean that there should be any delay in completing the projects.
  • Always keep the company’s goal in mind and work according to that. Ensure that every step you are taking in the project management plans places you one step closer to achieving the company’s goals.
  • It is essential to have a proper structure for every project in the program. Program management plans are as important as a project management plan.
  • Risk management is the most important thing. Project managers will be working as mentor program managers. It is essential to look for all the errors and mistakes and miss nothing.


Project and program management are both important and related to each other. A program management plan is only successful when all the project management plans are successful.

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