Communication Status Plan Template for Project Managers, this template is created for project managers who need to keep track of the status of their projects. This communication plan template helps you manage communication effectively with stakeholders and prevent conflicts or misunderstandings.

If you have even been a part of a team, you must know how important communication is. Without communicating with your team members, it is impossible that you fulfill a task efficiently and on time. Take an example of football for the importance of communication. If a player is not communicating with their coach and other team members, it is unlikely that they will win the match.

Communication within the project and outside the project is crucial if you want to work free of stress and efficiently. Communication solves many of the problems. For example, in a project, different employees of different departments are working together. If they do not communicate and update each other, things are not going well for the project. Lack of communication can cause many problems, such as less motivation and dedication for the project.

communication status plan

Communication Status Plan

Every project needs different kinds of modes and mediums to communicate in a project. A communication status plan allows you to communicate effectively with your team members and stakeholders for the project. In addition, it will enable you to deliver accurate and essential information to keep everyone in the project updated.

A communication plan will help you set adequate guidelines about how the information will be delivered and passed on among other team members and stakeholders. It keeps the stakeholders updated about the project. It also helps you communicate effectively with your consumers and clients so you can have their point of view.

A communication status plan makes everything visible for every team member and helps them understand the project’s goals efficiently. Communication is a very crucial part of being a project manager. A project manager has to communicate with the clients, stakeholders, and team members as well. Therefore, only a good communication plan will help project managers know what kind of information and how the data needs to be passed on among different people linked with the project.

How to create an Effective Communication Plan

An effective and efficient communication status plan is essential for a project management plan. But how to make your communication plan effective? Here are a few things that you need to add to make it a better one.

1.    List the Objectives

It is crucial to mention the objectives and goals of the project and the communication plan. Make sure to link the communication objective and the project’s goals with each other and consider the project’s complexity.

2.    Identify the Audience

The most important audience to communicate with are the stakeholders. Identify the types of stakeholders and make communication plans accordingly. Other linked members of the project, such as team members and clients, etc., should also be included as a part of the audience with which project managers have to communicate.

3.    Choose Methods of Communication

Every type of audience needs different communication methods. For example, it is acceptable to have a monthly or weekly meeting with the stakeholders. But you may need to communicate with the team members on an everyday basis and update them. Also, choose a mode of communication like emails, presentations and face-to-face meetings, etc., for your audience.

4.    Choose Frequency of Communication

Your stakeholders may not be interested in regular updates of the project. So choose when you want to communicate with different kinds of your audience. Also, decide who is going to transfer the information to whom in this step.

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