A project management plan is created at the start of the project. At that time, project managers make plans according to what is best for the company and what steps will help achieve the project’s goals more efficiently. But as time passes, changes can be needed. Change is natural and should be accepted for the betterment of the project.

But when you are working as a team on a project, you can not just bring the desired change you want. The whole process needs to take place, no matter if the change is minor or significant. Anyone can suggest the change. It can either be your clients that want something different now and want to make changes in the process or any team member that needs new equipment because the old one is not working efficiently. It can also be the project manager who has thought of something more efficient and less time-consuming and wants to imply it.

No matter who proposed the change, the first thing that you should do is to make a change request template. A change request template is a formal piece of document that allows you to tell how simple or complex a change is and what effects it will leave on the project.

change request

What to write in a Change Request Template?

As mentioned above, change requests can be done by filling out a change request template and presenting it to the stakeholders or your project manager. Change request Templates usually consist of the following sections.

●     Description of the Required Change

After the project’s name, the first thing you will mention in the change request template is to mention the necessary change. Mention the required change and write a detailed summary about it. For example, if you want new equipment, provide the name and details of the equipment you want.

●     Predicted Time and Cost

Mention the cost of the desired change and how much time it will include or exclude from the project. It would be best if you also mentioned the expected time you need to get the change done. For example, if you are ordering a new piece of machinery from another country, how much time and money it will take to deliver it to you.

●     Expected Outcome

The most crucial step is to write the accurate expected outcome of the desired change. Before making a change request, make sure that you have gone through all the risks and advantages and you think that the proposed change is beneficial for the project.

If you think the change will benefit the project, write the benefits and advantages in the expected outcomes section. Mention, all the aspects like budgeting, time management, and resources will help.

●     Change Impact

Write the impacts of the changes on the project. For example, outsourcing an additional team member will affect other team members and the project’s proficiency. Also, mention how the duties and time management will change, what impact our budget will have due to the change.

●     Approval

The change request template also includes an approval section. It informs the status of the change request that whether the change is accepted, declined, or in process. The date and time of approval are also mentioned. Also, the signatures of the person who approved the change request are mandatory.

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