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When a project management plan is created, everything is checked and made sure to work at every possible condition. But still thongs changes and due to internal or external factors of the company, change may be needed in the plan. Change Proposal is good and helps you keep the pace of the project, but how and when should change be adapted?

It is not entirely up to project managers to make changes in the project management plan. They need to have permission from the stakeholders and board panel. When the consent is given, only then can project managers work on the changes.

To propose the change to stakeholders, a change proposal is written and presented to the stakeholders. A change proposal is a formal document that contains all the relevant information about the proposed change. The effects and scope of the proposed change are also mentioned in the change proposal. And only a tremendous change proposal template is going to convince the stakeholders.

How to Write a Change Proposal?

Numerous change proposal templates are available on the Internet that can help you write a good change proposal. The best change proposal is mentioned in this article to help you create the best change proposal, and it will be accepted for sure.

A few things should always be mentioned in a proposal template so that it can clear all the stakeholder’s queries and make them realize why it is essential to have the proposed changes. Let’s have a look at some of the crucial sections of the change proposal template.

Proposed Change

The first thing that should be mentioned in the change template is the proposed change. Write a detailed summary of the proposed change, and don’t forget to miss anything. Also, write why the change is important in the “Why Change is Required” section. It is crucial to give reasons to your stakeholder why the proposed change is important so they can see the need and approve it.

Intended Outcome

Changes are required to change the outcomes of the task. Project managers must know that they can have better results. That is why they are suggesting the changes. Mention the intended effects of the proposed changes. Also, how and why these outcomes are better than the usual scenario outcomes.

Stakeholders Impact

The most important thing that stakeholders would like to hear is how the proposed change will affect them. So make sure to work hard on this section and give the best. Mention all the benefits to attract the stakeholders to the proposed change. You also have to mention the risks of the change. Project managers should make sure that the change is not too risky. Otherwise, it will be hard to convince the stakeholders.

Cost Estimation

Mention the estimated budget for the necessary change and write in detail how you will spend the resources. For example, you should mention which equipment you want for the proposed change.

Structural Changes

It is evident that if a change is coming, there will be changes in the project structure as well. Mention all the hires and demotions in the structural changes. How the team is going to function and how things are going to be managed.

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